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Deaf Education Partnership Group



The Education Partnership Group was established in 2007. The Deaf Education Partnership Group represents all the main Deaf organisations working in the area of education and seeks to promote a common policy agenda. The Group has recently been enlarged to include the parents of Deaf children in both specialist and mainstream schools. Members of the Group include: Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin, the Catholic Institute for Deaf People,, Irish Deaf Society, St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys and St Mary’s School for Deaf Girls, Sharing the Journey and Our New Ears. The Education Partnership Group currently manages the Deaf Education Centre.

Over the last number of years, the Group has commissioned research on the outcomes for Deaf Children in mainstream schools, has promoted the access to Primary Teacher Training colleges for Deaf students, produced a number of policy papers on Deaf education in Ireland and organised a national conference on Deaf education. Some of the papers are set out below;

Uniqueness of Deaf Education September 2013

Education Policy Paper August 2009

Education Policy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Ireland August 2009

Proposal for Access to Initial Teacher Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals June 2011

Submission to NCSE on the development of the new ISS service