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CIDP Update


CIDP wishes to announce that subject to the developer getting relevant planning permissions we are moving ahead with the next phase of the development on the site at Deaf Village Ireland.

Many will recall discussions around developing a nursing home site that had, at its core, dedicated beds for residents from the Deaf community. The board and management of CIDP are delighted to confirm that we have entered into an arrangement that will see the development of a nursing home to replace the old Swimming Pool complex.

Not only will this complete the development of the site and tidy up the waste ground it will give us a modern facility within walking distance of the village community.

The conditions around the building of this nursing home is that it will have up to 15 beds available through CIDP for members of the wider Deaf community. The facility will also have dedicated care staff who will operate to ISL level 4 and in sufficient numbers to ensure that no Deaf resident is left without the ability to communicate their needs.

In parallel with this, the board have put in place a programme group to prepare for the move of the residents out of Brewery Road and across to more appropriate accommodation. This programme group will firstly speak with the current residents to establish their needs and desires and will seek input from the wider Deaf community over the coming weeks and months.

If you need any further information please drop an email to