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Deaf Village Ireland Project


On Monday the 28th of March 2011 the CIDP Board agreed to appoint John Sisk Ltd; as the contractor to build the Village. CIDP set up a new company the National Deaf Village Sports and Leisure Company Limited to manage and deliver the project in June 2011.


Work on this €15 million project began in June 2011 and was completed in August 2012.

The building of the Deaf Village will be spread over three phases, with Phase one being the most significant and costly. Phase one which began in June 2011 and entails the provision of new sporting, administration, social, educational, heritage and religious facilities. The contract between the National Deaf Village Sports and Leisure Company Limited and John Sisk Ltd. was signed in June 2011 and brought to a culmination three years of planning and consultation.


While consultation on the detail of the design of the Village has been ongoing for the last three years, prior to that, for a two year period there was significant consultation with the Deaf community on a strategy for CIDP and how CIDP could enable the development of the Deaf community in a manner which did not undermine or patronise the community.

The success or not of this strategy will be for others to judge but at least the building of Phase one of the Village ensures that the Deaf community and their organisations have a state of the art place to call home and from which the community can further develop.