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Deaf Village Management


Apart from the setting up of a company to build the Village a Management Company Committee was set up to manage the new facility once built. This was a representative group of all the Deaf organisations who occupy Deaf Village Ireland.


This group designed the setting up of a governance, and management structure for Deaf Village Ireland. The idea is that while CIDP via the National Deaf Village Sports and Leisure Company Limited owns the land and buildings (as given to CIDP by the Church), the Village has been handed over to the Deaf community to manage.

This has been achieved by setting up the Management Company as a company and a separate legal entity, with a Board of Directors comprised of all the organisations operating from the Village. Given the makeup of the organisations this ensures that the company is a Deaf led company, with ISL as its first language.

The Management Company Committee designed Memorandum and Articles of Association which set out the purpose of the Company, the role of the Board of Directors how they are nominated and how they operate the company. This Board now controls the Village, employs the Village staff, manages all the rents, insurance and monies and ensures that the Village remains self sufficient.

This company was formally set up in June 2012 and registrered with the Companies Office in September 2012. It appointed Damian Barry a Deaf Management Consultant from Northern Ireland as it first Chairperson and Sylvia Nolan the first Manager of Deaf Village Ireland.