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CIDP Strategic Plan 2013 – 2020


CIDP Strategic Plan 2013 – 2020

CIDP Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Objectives

CIDP Mission

CIDP will pursue it’s mission by working in partnership with Deaf people, with their organisations, and with public bodies charged with responsibility for providing services for and access to Deaf people. 

CIDP will pursue its mission through

  • Empowering and supporting the Deaf Community and Deaf people generally to have ownership of their own affairs and to take leadership responsibility in promoting and representing the interests of Deaf people
  • Working in partnership with the Deaf Community, with other organisations working to serve and promote the interests of Deaf people, and with public bodies charged with responsibility to provide services for Deaf and Deaf Blind people, to ensure the provision of education, lifelong learning and development and, in particular, supportive living services for vulnerable
  • Providing Deaf people with pastoral and religious care and promoting the core Christian values of the Kingdom of God in the context of the ideals espoused by the Roman Catholic Church

The vision behind the strategic plan is that by 2020 CIDP will have achieved;

  • The Deaf Community having ownership of their own affairs and the leadership role in promoting and representing the interests of Deaf people
  • The establishment of Deaf Village Ireland as an independent, self-funding and self-sustaining organisation, governed by its constituent organisations and independent of CIDP
  • The education of Deaf children will be officially acknowledged as requiring a range of educational interventions appropriate for Deaf children’s educational achievement on a par with their hearing peers. The amalgamated School for Deaf Children will be in place and recognised as a centre of educational excellence, offering a distinctive, challenging and supportive educational experience for Deaf children that enables them to progress with confidence towards the achievement of their full potential
  • The parents of Deaf children will have access to timely and comprehensive information, professional advice and support in relation to the decision options available to them in relation to their child’s language acquisition, communication, social skills, and learning and development
  • That vulnerable Deaf people of all ages who require a supportive living environment will have access to the services they require in an environment appropriate to their distinctive needs and circumstances, including independent living options, community support and residential care
  • That the National Chaplaincy will be nationwide in scope and will be supported by adequate resources and a network of lay chaplains in offering a comprehensive pastoral care service for Deaf people
  • That there will be a high level of public awareness of the Deaf Community and Deaf issues, and public policies will reflect that awareness by giving the necessary priority and funding to support the rights and needs of all Deaf people
  • That Deaf people, of all ages, whether they live in Dublin or around the country, will be able to feel part of and to interact fully with the Deaf Community, and with the wider society
  • That CIDP’s mission will continue to be focused on working with, facilitating and enabling the Deaf Community and Deaf people generally to achieve equality of access and opportunity in all aspects of their lives. It will have withdrawn from a direct operational role in provision of services (once the Deaf Community and their organisations are enabled to take on this role); and will be pursuing its mission as a facilitator and enabler of the Deaf Community and organisations representing Deaf people’s interests to work together in a spirit of co-operation and partnership, and influencing public policy

The core values on which CIDP mission and vision are based are;

  • Our core values are derived from our Christian ethos in the context of the ideals espoused by the Roman Catholic Church
  • We have respect for other denominations and our services are available to people of all denominations
  • The core ethos of our organisation is based on the message of the gospels to bring the kingdom of God to the Deaf Community and to all Deaf people by caring for each other and reflecting on our development by prayer and participation in the sacraments
  • The enablement  and empowerment of the Deaf Community and of all Deaf people, and facilitating them to meet their full potential, is the focus of our plans and work
  • We strive to serve the interests of people with diverse Deaf identities who are members of the Deaf Community
  • We are fully committed to working in partnership with the Deaf Community, with people of diverse Deaf identities, with other organisations representing the interests of Deaf people, and with public sector bodies in representing and serving the interests of all Deaf people
  • We promote the highest professional and ethical standards and strive for excellence in all areas of activity in serving the interests of Deaf people



CIDP Strategic Objectives 2013 – 2020

Based on the above mission and vision CIDP has agreed that specific objectives are to be implemented during an extended seven year period and as financial resources allow.

This extended implementation period is necessary given that CIDP has a significant amount of work already in progress to ensure the completion of its 2007 strategic objectives namely;

–          The amalgamation of the schools

–          The finalisation of the contract and financial issues with Sisk in respect of building the Deaf Village

–          Enabling the DVI Board to be effective and self sufficient

–          Enabling the National Deaf Village Sports and Leisure Company to support the Inspire Fitness Centre to become a top sports club, Deaf friendly and generate a surplus

–          The use of the above surplus to build a sinking fund for the Sports Centre and DVI, repay CIDP its initial contributions in setting up the Sports Centre (equipment etc), and assist in funding the DVI management structure

–          The preparation and execution of a plan in partnership with the Deaf organisations and the HSE to move the St. Joseph’s Brewery Road residents to Deaf Village Ireland in an appropriate manner and fund this through the sale of Brewery Road

New objectives

–          To develop the CIDP Board into a trust company with governance responsibility for property and assets

–          To ensure a strong CIDP connection with Deaf Culture, ISL and representation from the Deaf Community

–          To develop the Chaplaincy service and review a possible direct relationship with the Bishops Conference

–          To enable DVI to become more independent, replace the CEO as the CIDP representative and plan to enable DVI take over the sports centre within a five year period

–          Amalgamate the schools as per current strategy under one board of management

–          Begin discussions on establishing a Deaf Care Ireland company with a view to it managing the residences and community care initiatives

–          Begin discussions on establishing a Deaf Development Ireland company to manage the development of training, life skills, independent living and employment supports

–          Begin discussion on establishing a policy forum for policy development, advocacy and research using a similar model to the Education Partnership Group


CIDP is currently working on an implementation plan for each of the above objectives which will be published in September 2014.